Alan J. Wiren

Freelance Journalist

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'Water Saved the City'

'Kansai Scene' 2013-06-01

How a confluence of needs, invention, and genius brought new life to one of Japan's most revered locations . . .

'Picnic With A Purpose'

'Kansai Scene' 2013-04-01

Spring has sprung! Let's eat and drink to it with a homemade hanami bento. KS finds out what's in the best boxes . . .

'Death Japanese Style'

'Kansai Scene' 2012-03-01

Obon, in August is Japan's principle festival for remembering ancestors, but there are two more . . .

'Happy New Year -- Again!'

'Kansai Scene' 2012-02-01

What is the best way to prepare for Lunar New Year? Why not throw soybeans at your relatives . . .

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