Alan J. Wiren

Freelance Journalist

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'Making A Fine Point'

'Kansai Scene' 2013-08-01

There are some knives you just cannot buy. Well, not unless you are one of the industry's most superlative of chefs . . .

'The Taste of Your Heart'

'Kansai Scene' 2013-02-01

Chocolates are the signature gift for Valentine's Day and White Day, and making them yourself speaks volumes . . .

'There's No Taste Like Home'

'Kansai Scene' 2011-12-01

Harken back to gathering with friends and family to indulge in the delectable, traditional foods of our home countries . . .


'Kansai Scene' 2011-12-01

Use your noodle! Have you ever imagined making a cup of instant ramen from scratch? Designing the package . . .

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