Alan J. Wiren

Freelance Journalist

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'Mission: Ramen'

'Kansai Scene' 2011-05-01

First there was ramen. It traveled from Inner Mongolia, where the alkaline water of Lake Kan made noodles of an inimitable taste and firm texture, and found a niche. . .

'No Monkey Business'

'Kansai Scene' 2012-01-01

Through the window you can see fish, so fresh their eyes are like jewels, piled together on ice next to . . .

'Brain Food'

'Kansai Scene' 2012-08-01

Ali Zaidi says the most popular dish at his restaurant is goat brain masala. We don't believe him, but we went to try it anyway. . .

'Garb Weeks'

'Kansai Scene' 2012-09-01

Fresh food, riverside terrace, top-end chef, and bottom-end prices: Garb Weeks has all the elements of a great summer eatery. . .

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