Alan J. Wiren

Freelance Journalist

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'Osaka Shopping Guide'

'Japan Visitor' 2014-10-01

From the 17th Century to the present day it has never been a mistake to approach Osaka as one enormous marketplace . . .

'Accidents Will Happen'

'Kansai Scene' 2012-04-01

Whether your time is long or short it is best spent when you are ready for the worst . . .

'Liberty Osaka'

'Kansai Scene' 2011-12-01

The tenth of December is Human Rights Day. That might be an insentive, a visit the Osaka Human Rights Museum . . .

'Temple of Mysteries'

'Kansai Scene' 2011-08-01

Sakai is home to mythical and historical mysteries and the temple, Myokokuji, is focal point for more than one . . .

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